How to post on Hooley News

When you publish to Hooley News it will first appear as a post, in a series of posts with the most recent ones at the top.  Choose one or more categories for your post and add tags. Click on this post’s title to read more.


What is Hooley?

innovation music prankster farm talk tractors, farm equipment, irrigation storytellers realistic the nose ice cream faith big hearts caring deeply laughter details a swagger contrariness—like to be right don’t give up easily kindness problem solving get something done persistence enterprising calm expression love waterfalls loving nature emotional nonplussed ‘on the spot’ God sing four-part harmony… Continue reading What is Hooley?

Calls for Contributions

Dear Family, I plan to make periodic “Calls for Contributions” on a somewhat seasonal basis.  They will be prompts for you to post on a particular topic, but any variation on the theme is always welcome. Here’s my current concept (12 calls projected across 3 years): November 2017: Thanksgiving (the holiday, or gratitude in general) February… Continue reading Calls for Contributions